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I sit here in my studio thinking:
a)How did I get addicted to VICS nose spray (teehehehe)
b)How come I am totally addicted to sticky notes
c) Why do I like homemade root-beer more than the carbonated one
d)Why I CAN’T work until my house is spotless {seriously, this causes major problems}
e)Why do I love GOLD so much

There ya have it! Incase you ever wondered what goes through the mind of an A.D.D. person in the matter of 4 seconds, this should enlighten you .

I was in my back yard picking hydrangeas over the weekend and saw this small pile of bricks. There was ONE particular one that caught my eyeball! I really had NO idea what I was going to do with it {compulsive order too, haha} but I “needed” it.   I started thinking it would look really cool if I glittered it up (yes. I am addicted to glitter too), then I thought GOLD SPRAY PAINT!

I figured since I didn’t own my own gold brick I would make my own! Then through the process I realized it was strong enough to hold books up. That’s it! Let’s check it out!

I bought this spray paint at FRED’S! It was .99!!!! So you don’t need the “most expensive” gold spraypaint.

Lay the brick down on a surface your not scared to mess up and spray the entire brick!

It’s simple. It’s cute. It’s GOLD

You can’t tell me your not like.. O.M.Geeee! I know I am! Just think, you could glitter it in gold too! Can’t wait to see you in the next post!

Make it a DIY kinda day,

DIY: Animal Covered Books

I am so excited about this post. I bought this duck tape a LONG time ago but never really found anything to use it on! Remember me posting it here? I fell in love when I saw it on the shelf. It was just sitting there begging me to take it home, so I did. Ashy just shook her head and laughed because I fall for all of these types of things. Boy am I glad I picked that baby up because look at what I did with it! Totally makes me want to buy tons and tons of more decorative duck tape. It’s endless Jaderbugs. What would you do with duck tape like this?
Are you ready to see this tutorial! I know I am ready to show ya!
Are you in love with this pretty little roll yet? I fall totally in love each time I look at it. Now with this craft I can see it EVERYDAY!
Ashy bought me this one for Christmas and I LOVE it!
Grab some ole books that you don’t really care to destroy… (not really but ya know what I mean)
Tear off a piece of duck tape and place it on the edge of the book just like the picture above.
After you do this across the entire top of book you will have tape hanging off of the edge. Lightly fold each piece of duck tape over to the inside of the book.
Once you do the entire book it will look like this.
Can you believe your eyes! Some things you can do with these dressy books:
1. Put by your bed with a cute candle on top
2. Stack a couple on your book shelf to “spice” it up
3. But 3 or 4 stacked by each other to fill an empty space
4. Buy someone special a book and give it to them all wrapped cute like this
See! You can do so much! If you have not checked out ALL of the designs today is the day you should! Click HERE to see them!
Happy that my books are happy,