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Howdy Hoo Jaderbugs! Today I felt blah so I decided to light a few candles and BAM, just like that I felt mucho-betta! But then I remembered how a while back I made these cute Duck Tape Tassel’s that I put around some candles. Now I am not kidding…these sticky tassel’s truly made my candles smell so much better. Ok not really but you get the point! Now let’s get STICKY! Remember when I made this Duck Tape Caddy….. the only thing it’s missing is wheels. make a tasselThese are all the products I used to decorate the candles but you can use any color tape you want. The main products you will need are DUCK TAPE (duh) and scissors. The rest are like side dishes at a fancy restaurant.

I do however recommend using duck tape scissors made my Fiskars. They cut through this sticky madness like budduh. DSC_0380


1. To start off you will need to cut a piece of duck tape about 10 inches long. You don’t to measure to a “T” but about that length will be good. Make sure you lay this first strip sticky side up.

2. Now cut another 10 inch strip and place it directly over the first strip. Sticky on top of sticky. Once you stick these two babies together you can trim the edges.

3.Fold your strip in half now. This is not the length of your tassel. If it’s too short you can make your next one longer and if it’s too long you can cut it before we move on. Boom chaka laka!

4. Kiddo’s time to get your parents involved and if you are and drunk adult do the same! With your strip folded in half start cutting little cuts in the long side of your tape. Make sure to NOT cut all the way to the top!!! Snip away until your whole strip is fringed like it’s ready to go to a festival. If you like tag’s check out these I made with some decorative tape.

duck tape fringeHow cute would it be to have an amazing duck tape fringed skirt.

5. Start rolling your fringed strip from one side to the other until it’s all rolled up like the picture below. Once it’s all rolled up take a SMALL strip of duck tape and start wrapping it around the TOP of the tassel.

If you notice I placed a small piece of twine at the top of my tassel right before I was done rolling it up and securing it with my small strip. This is what my tassel will hang from. duck tape tasselhow to make a tasselAnd just like that we have a hot diggity cute as can be hanging tassel. You can put this on a gift, hang from your car mirror, tie around a picture frame and so much more sha.
candle tasselI know you are gooing and gahhing huh. This fridge I covered in tape also made me gooh and gahh…. Check it out hereeasy diy tasselHope you enjoyed this super sticky tutorial. What kind of tassels do you plan on making? Any suggestions of what they can be used for? Leave them in the COMMENT SECTION below! I am always looking for new tricks and trades. Until next time…


Halloween is my favorite holiday as you all may know. So I teamed up with Fiskars to create a fun Halloween project just for YOU!

Sometimes I want to be a kid again. I tried it last year but I think everyone knew I was not a kid. Dammit. I lost a little weight in the last few weeks so maybe I will have a good chance this year. Last year I dressed as Frida Kahlo and boy did I look just like her. The guy at the grocery store thought I was a “geisha girl”…

Epic fail. How could anyone not realize who I was!? Moving on.

Sometimes when everyone is buying Halloween costumes they might find it difficult to find a matching treat bag to sling on their arm. I am making things super easy for you this year by showing you how to create your very own using Duck Tape! When you get to the Duck Tape isle in whatever store you are in you will realize just how many options you have to choose from. It’s like being in a sticky candy store. If you love bags check out these glittered lunch bags.

So head on over to the Fiskars website ( See below the picture) and get the full tutorial. You won’t believe what I used to make these bags with, besides Duck Tape. Did I mention the bags are filled with glow in the dark stickers. Yes indeed!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it truly inspires you! HASHTAG LOGO

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Duck Tape Organizing Caddy I don’t know about you but I absolutely love mini organizing stations. Sometimes a good one can be hard to come by which is why today I am going to show you an easy way to create a duck tape organizing caddy. One that can go in any space,literally. The one thing I love about this caddy is you can choose the exact design or color of Duck Tape that you want! You can use this for a craft station, wrapping station, art station or a toy station. Let’s get started!

You will need:
Wooden Stool ( I am using a natural color but you can paint them if you want)
Duck Tape (your choice of color)
Fiskars Non Stick Scissors
Trash Bag (any color)


duck tape caddyThe great thing about this crafts is choosing the colors you want! The Duck brand has so many options now I am certain you will not get stuck in that department.

I will tell you if you are a duck tape fan these scissors are a must. They glide through the tape without sticking and we all know that makes our crafting a dream come true. Fiskars created these scissors specifically for The Duck Brand. They come in two different sizes and you won’t regret getting both sizes!

duck edition fiskars scissors

DIY VINTAGE BOTTLE LABELSStep 1: Cut the sides of your trash bag and lay it out on a flat surface.
Step 2: Lay your stool on it’s side. It does not matter which side you work with initially.
Step 3: Grab a marker and trace out the “inside” of the side section.
Step 4: Reverse the stool and trace the same section like below.
Step 5: Cover the entire section of your outline with duck tape. It’s ok if the tape runs over the outlines. DSC_0958This is what it will look like when it’s done completely filled.

duck tape craftsStep 6: Flip your trash bag over. You will still see your sharpie line even when flipped over. Kinda cool huh!duck tape craftsStep 7: Grab your Fiskars duck edition scissors and cut along the lines.  duck tape pouch

duck tape fashionStep 8: Fold your cut out in half. This is the start of a bag that will hang on the stool.
bags made with duck tape
Step 9: Place a strip of duck tape along the side of the bag leaving enough hanging over the edge to fold on the other side. duck tape bag

Step 10: Cut off the excess along the “bottom” of the bag. DO NOT cut the top pieces off.
fiskars duck edition scissors
These are the top straps. Because there is some sticky tape exposed we will use this to hang the bag onto the stool. plastic bag craftshanging basket diy

If you want to make a large bag do the same thing. Lay the stool out sideways and trace out the top and bottom section, twice. stool ideasFill in the space like you did earlier for the small bag.how to make a bagCut out your pieces making sure to not cut the sections in half. We want this bag to be long! We are doing the same steps as we did for the small bag. Pretty simple ey!duck tape fashion crafts
Place one piece on top of the other. If you have any piece that looks too long you can trim it now.
decorative duck tape
Tape up the sides and bottom, trimming the excess when done. For this bag I cut the top straps because I will show you how to make your own straps. patterned duck tape bags
To make the straps take a strip of duck tape and cut it in half. You can just place these on the back side of a bag you make then attach it to a bar on your stool. Once you get going on these bags they will get easier and easier.

You can spice up your bag by adding a strip of duck tape along the bottom. Take a strip fold the top part down a little then adhere it to the bag with the sticky part.


craft stationduck tape caddy

DIY-PHOTO-CREDIT-Photography: Jaderbomb// DIY tutorial by: Jaderbomb // Craft Supplies: Duck Tape // Sponsored Post for:The Duck Brand


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Orange is the New Black is for sure a huge part of my life. I know what you are thinking, “really Jade”. A friend of mine told me one day I needed to watch this on netflix and I was like OK! So I did and I got completely hooked. I literally could not get away from my computer for a few days until I was done with the full season. I am totally excited about Season 2 that starts June 6th! I hope you enjoy this blog hop that me and my friends put together. Make sure to check out the bottom of my post because you will find all of the links to everyones projects. More news is Netflix is giving a 3 months gift card away! Don’t forget to hashtag #OITNB on all your sites if sharing this post or the others!


If you are not familiar with the show it’s about a girl named Piper who is very educated and high class. She made a horrible choice and smuggled drugs for her girlfriend and is sentenced to a year in prison. Shocked! HAHA. Through out the season you learn more and more about each inmate and each of their stories. It’s pretty dramatic and leaves you dreaming of the next episode. I promise you if you have not seen it you must catch up on Season 1 now!



My craft is based on the duck tape slippers that inmate Sophia Burset, a transgender inmate wears in the show. Piper is new in the slammer and she takes her first shower and sophia informs her how important it is to protect your feet, honey child. 

You will need:
*Flip Flops
*Silver Duck Tape


The first thing you will do is place your flip flop on your cardboard in a secure spot.


Next thing you will do is trace it out. DSC_0633

Carefully cut out your tracing using sharp scissors. DSC_0637

When you are done you will have two cut outs. DSC_0639

Start by placing strips of silver duck tape across your cardboard cutouts. When you are done wrap the tape on the sides to cover them. DSC_0640This is what they will start to look like once you cover them.

DSC_0641I am using a shiny heart filled duck tape for the top part of the flip flop. DSC_0642 Cut two strips of shiny duck tape while making sure one is longer than the other. I guessed the length and everyones size is going to be different based on the size of your own flip flop size. DSC_0643Peel the backs off of each one and place the smaller strip directly on top of the large strip.



You will take that sticky piece on the end and place it under the cardboard bottom. DSC_0649

Flap it around and stick the other side. DSC_0650

I am totally happy with the way these babies turned out! I hope you have fun for you and the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black!DSC_0659

Other blog hoppers!

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Photography: Jaderbomb// DIY tutorial by: Jaderbomb // Craft Supplies: Michaels , Fiskars and Duck TapeHASHTAG LOGO

Don’t forget to connect on social media! Make sure to use use the hashtag #JADERBOMB on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so I can keep track of all your awesome creations! HAVE A GLITTERY DAY! ♥, Jade

sponsored postComing to you live from my messy studio with a major quack announcement. There is a new tape out on the loose! That’s right, a new decorative tape called DECO TAPE.

It’s fierce, it’s bold and it will dress up everything in your life. Why be drabby when you can be “duck tape savvy”… (yes I just made that up)

Today I will show you how to transform plain tags into ones that scream “LOOK AT ME”…

YOUWILLNEEDLabels or Tags | Deco Tape

This tape comes in 4 different designs. You can use this tape to dress up anything from stationery to a phone case!

DUCK TAPE DECO TAPE You simply tear a piece off and wrap it around the bottom portion of the tag. I tore a long piece to make sure it wrapped around the back completely then I cut the excess off with scissors. DECORATE WITH DUCK TAPE HOW TO MAKE WASHI TAPE LABELS

You could use these for gifts, a special table setting, bottles or invitations. Endless ideas I tell ya!EASY DIY LABELSDUCK TAPE CRAFTSDECO TAPE TUTORIALS PINTEREST DUCK TAPE TAGS



One thing you could do is have a tape party! Have tables filled with blank supplies and let your friends go buck wild with this tape. Make sure you tag DUCK TAPE and they might share it on Facebook or Twitter! I added a fun quote for you to think about. HUGE GLITTERY HUGS!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. What would you make with your tape?

DIY: Animal Covered Books

I am so excited about this post. I bought this duck tape a LONG time ago but never really found anything to use it on! Remember me posting it here? I fell in love when I saw it on the shelf. It was just sitting there begging me to take it home, so I did. Ashy just shook her head and laughed because I fall for all of these types of things. Boy am I glad I picked that baby up because look at what I did with it! Totally makes me want to buy tons and tons of more decorative duck tape. It’s endless Jaderbugs. What would you do with duck tape like this?
Are you ready to see this tutorial! I know I am ready to show ya!
Are you in love with this pretty little roll yet? I fall totally in love each time I look at it. Now with this craft I can see it EVERYDAY!
Ashy bought me this one for Christmas and I LOVE it!
Grab some ole books that you don’t really care to destroy… (not really but ya know what I mean)
Tear off a piece of duck tape and place it on the edge of the book just like the picture above.
After you do this across the entire top of book you will have tape hanging off of the edge. Lightly fold each piece of duck tape over to the inside of the book.
Once you do the entire book it will look like this.
Can you believe your eyes! Some things you can do with these dressy books:
1. Put by your bed with a cute candle on top
2. Stack a couple on your book shelf to “spice” it up
3. But 3 or 4 stacked by each other to fill an empty space
4. Buy someone special a book and give it to them all wrapped cute like this
See! You can do so much! If you have not checked out ALL of the designs today is the day you should! Click HERE to see them!
Happy that my books are happy,